“For Marketers, the key thing to remember is that memory is based on engagement. Brian Rotsztein’s Content Marketing Ideas provides a range of ideas that can bring greater attention to your brand, provide opportunities for consumers to engage and interact with it, and make a lasting impression.”

– Nick Drew
Head of Research, Yahoo! Canada


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The old ways of shouting “Buy! Buy! Buy!” at prospective customers doesn’t work anymore.

- Brian Rotsztein

Author, Content Marketing Ideas

This book is for any business looking for success

If traditional advertising no longer brings in the big bucks like it once did and you’re left scratching your head, wondering how to reach your target market, you need to keep reading. This is where your awakening begins.

You’ll get stories, case studies, examples, insightful advice, helpful tips, guidance, and hundreds of actionable ideas.

I’ve selected only the most effective tactics. Leverage the blog, website, videos, and Facebook business page that you already have. Make consumers come to you, earn their trust, and increase your sales.

Content marketing will change the way you look at consumers.

What to Expect

If you’re ready to take action and increase sales, this book will teach you new skills and show you the most important content marketing tactics.


Content Ideas

Learn the content marketing secrets that pros have been using for years, and get advice for generating new ideas that work!

Grow Your Business

Find out how to grow your business with written content, videos, photos, infographics and podcasts by delivering value to your audience.

The Right Content

Read about publishing content that increases your company’s brand awareness among consumers. Learn why content marketing is such a hot trend.

Pro Tactics

Gain insight into the secret marketing tactics that pros have been using for years. Create the best strategy for your business and a custom content marketing plan.

No book on the market even comes close to this one.
Try it and see for yourself!

In this book you’ll find:


  • Why content marketing works
  • Full content marketing plans and case studies
  • Hundreds of actionable ideas for creating effective content
  • How to find the exact content that your target audience wants
  • How to find fresh ideas



  • How to leverage written content, infographics and podcasts to increase exposure and boost sales
  • Video content marketing tips
  • How to use photos in content marketing
  • The best free online tools
  • Worksheets

If you’re looking for an effective starting point for promoting
your products and services online with content marketing, this is the book for you!