Reviews for Content Marketing Ideas

From everyday readers to executives at high-profile firms like Yahoo! Canada and Keurig, the praise for Content Marketing Ideas is unanimous. Find out below what they each had to say about the book, then head on over to Amazon and get your own copy today!

Memory is based on engagement

“For Marketers, the key thing to remember is that memory is based on engagement. Brian Rotsztein’s Content Marketing Ideas provides a range of ideas that can bring greater attention to your brand, provide opportunities for consumers to engage and interact with it, and make a lasting impression.”

Nick Drew
Head of Research, Yahoo! Canada

I'd highly recommend adding this book to your library

“I am a software engineer and entrepreneur who has little-to-no marketing experience. I read this book hoping to get an overview on online marketing and content marketing and I have to say that I ended up getting way more out of it than I thought I would. Being skeptical of content marketing, I particularly appreciate how the author puts content marketing itself into context with overall marketing budgets/efforts. He takes particular care to remind the reader that content marketing is not the end-all-be-all and shows effectively how it fits in/compliments with other approaches.

Honestly, I’m surprised it’s subtitled 400+ content marketing ideas instead of “so many marketing ideas we couldn’t even count them.” If anything, it’s a bit overwhelming. Another thing that really stands out about the book is how it highlights many tools along the way that help you build, work and track things. I was trying to burn through it quickly in order to be able to give it to a colleague of mine that is involved a bit in content marketing but now that I’ve completed it, I think it will have a ton of value to me as a reference book for all the related services and tools online that I’ll want to explore and use as my start-up goes forward.

So, to summariize, I found it very easy and fast to read and full of a variety of different types of useful content. As someone who came into it with just a surface knowledge of this field, I feel like I’m walking away much more informed and will be much more capable to implement a content strategy.

I’d highly recommend adding this book to your library.”

Dan Lazar
Software engineer and entrepreneur, Review

This book is worth every penny

“This book is worth every penny. It’s filled with detailed, actionable tactics that businesses can actually implement. Brian also demonstrates how to use content marketing effectively without needing a huge corporate budget.
I highly recommend this book for business owners and marketers looking to make an impact, cut through the noise, and get noticed online.”

Jasmine review

Tons of fun examples of great content marketing

“When the words “content marketing” were first uttered, marketers quickly jumped on the bandwagon of this trend, without truly understanding what it meant or how it applied to their businesses and products. Content Marketing Ideas breaks down what content marketing is, what it means for you and your business and it gives you tons of fun examples of great content marketing. It’s no wonder Brian Rotsztein is an expert in the field. This is a book you’ll keep on your shelf and refer to often.”

Natalie Dzepina
Trade Marketing Manager, Keurig Canada

Content Rocks! A worthy read

“The book is called Content Marketing Ideas and it delivers 110% of what that title is. The ideas are spread out around the different areas of content marketing like using written content (like ideas for blog posts and case studies, etc), photography (ideas for memes, etc.), infographics (ideas for how to create excellent infographics), and so on. If you don’t have any ideas, there’s a chapter on how to come up with new ideas. The choice of case studies is great and the sample marketing plans at the end came in very handy. I’ve already re-read the sample plans several times, each time getting more out of them.”

David Light Review

Brian really dug deep and served up actionable tips and ideas

“I usually hate these types of books because they are too high level & generic, but Brian really dug deep and served up actionable tips and ideas. If you are trying to make your content marketing program more creative & can’t get past “let’s blog about it,” I strongly recommend giving this a read.”

N. Marlett review

If you’ve only got time to read one book this year, this is the one you should read!

“Marketers, if you’ve only got time to read one book this year, this is the one you should read. When so many “thought leaders” are producing junk about what content marketing is and how to leverage it, Brian simply nails it.  This book is jammed packed with tips and ideas you can take to work immediately for your brand.”

Natalie Henley
Vice President of Marketing, Volume Nine SEO

A treasure trove of trade secrets

“Brian Rotsztein has succeeded in the near impossible task of explaining how effective Search Engine Optimization can result from creative content marketing. Content Marketing Ideas is a fountain of ideas, information and infographics, and is a treasure trove of trade secrets for anyone looking to master these potent web marketing techniques.”

Rob Campbell
Founder and CEO, SMOJoe SEO & Content Marketing

An effective reference guide for content marketers

“Having worked at, one of Internet’s earliest meta search engines, i’m always impressed by how far online marketing has evolved. Content Marketing has come to the forefront of marketing minds as brands look for new ways to compete online. With Content Marketing Ideas, Brian’s contribution to the field is important and timely. Few have been able to explain content marketing like he does and fewer still would tackle the enormous lists of ideas presented. With a separate chapter on blogging and written content, videos, photography, podcasting, and infographics, any small business owner or marketer can easily access the tips they need. The book serves as an effective reference guide for content marketers.”

Dan Alper
Founder and Executive Vice President,  Priority Global

Easy reading

“I really enjoyed this book. It is simple and covers the best ideas for creating effective content. A small business owner like myself looking to increase his online exposure can greatly benefit from the content in this book. I approve this book!”

Shant Review

Ideas that can work for small business

“This is the first marketing book I’ve read that has ideas that can work for small business.

Most of these books use examples from huge corporations and while some are quite brilliant, most medium sized and small businesses could never afford to put out content like Coca Cola or American Express.

Brian Rotsztein has ideas that work on meagre budgets and a myriad of platforms.

Can’t argue- he writes good content himself. Especially because he knows that every time you put out crappy content… a puppy dies. (Loved that line!) ”

Erick Calder review

If you’re looking for an effective starting point for promoting
your products and services online with content marketing, this is the book for you!